3D Tours

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How to 3D Tour

There are several ways to enjoy our Matterport 3D tours, mainly by navigating your desktop or phone, or, by using VR (Virtual Reality) goggles.

If you’re using a desktop to mouse around, you will see several tool icons appear at the bottom of a tour once you click to activate it. The first is a play icon (1.) that will navigate a few preset views for you. All you need to do is sit back and watch. The second icon is the dollhouse setting (2.). When clicked, it will zoom out to give you a dollhouse view of the home – all the rooms as seen if there were no walls or roof of the home. Use your mouse to navigate the dollhouse in 3D space and click on any particular room to zoom back into. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the overall layout of the home. This icon toggles to an “Explore 3D space” icon (3.) so you can shift in and out of the dollhouse view. You can also navigate the home by floor plan (4.), using the Floor Selector tool (5.) to pick which floor you wish to view. The measurement tool (6.) is a nifty little tool often overlooked. You can use it to measure the distance between rooms in floor plan view, or, to measure elements within a room by clicking points of measurements. The cursor will turn into a magnifying glass with a cartesian coordinate x-y-z crosshair to help you navigate. If you click the settings icon (cogwheel) in the top-right corner you get the options of either snapping the points or the ability to add continuous lines. You can also choose between U.S. (Imperial) or metric system as your preferred system of measurement. Click the X to close the measurement mode.

On your bottom right, you’ll see a share icon (7.) so you can share the 3D tour with friends using either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or email. Click the goggle, or, “View in VR” icon (8.) to choose specific headsets and controllers that are supported by Matterport. You can also use the most basic cardboard goggle versions using your mobile device. The last “View Fullscreen” icon (9.) toggles to “Exit Fullscreen” so you can choose to open the 3D Tour to span the size of your browser’s window. You will notice that your cursor gets accompanied by a navigational donut to aid you in 3D space.

Enjoy the tour!