Everyone Loves Orlando


Vacation Property Owners included, and here is why!

The Orlando Sentinel just reported that a whopping, “72 million tourists visited Orlando in 2017, a record number” (Russon, Gabrielle). Let’s think about this; the greater Orlando area has just over 2 million residents. This means tourists outnumber local residents about 1:36 per year. It’s a good thing they don’t all visit us at the same time, but when they do visit, a large and growing number choose to stay in vacation rental properties as opposed to hotels. The Sentinel goes on to point out that, “About 62.8 million visited New York City in 2017…while Las Vegas attracted about 42.2 million tourists.” Travelers choose Orlando over the big apple, and Vegas doesn’t even come close. Not even the 2017 hurricane Irma could deter the number of visitors from seeking out the world-class attractions the City Beautiful offer.

Orlando has it all

Florida is relatively small, with a beach no further than 60 miles from any given point. This means Orlando visitors really can have it all – Theme parks & entertainment with the beach only an hour away. This is one reason the Orlando vacation rental market is a solid investment as people keep flocking to experience the constantly growing entertainment industry as well as soaking up the sun by the pool or the beach.

If you look up vacation rentals in varying places of the nation, you can find anything from woodland log cabins to manufactured homes. The vacation rental market is very different in the Disney area. Owning a vacation rental home here is something to truly boast about. You invest in the very things Florida guests want to experience – A resort-style luxury living!

Orlando means luxury

Resort style pools, lazy rivers, surf simulators, water slides, arcades, bars & dining, clubhouses, and golf courses are just some of the amenities guests can enjoy from the multitude of resorts that surround the Disney area, some only by a few miles. Universal Studios and SeaWorld are only a short drive from the many luxury resorts as well, making the Tourist Mecca of Orlando an ideal vacation location.

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