Florida: The Unforgettable International Destination


A Very Warm Welcome

After college, I headed east. Europe, that is. I spent 2 years in magnificent England and 10 years in beautiful Sweden. Now I have lived in The Sunshine State for 20 years and consider myself a “Florida girl with a European soul.” While I loved living abroad and consider my 12 years there the best education of my life, wintertime for me was a bit…brutal. So, each year, I’d book my month-long trip home to Central Florida for a big natural dose of Vitamin D and much-needed warmth.

Sun Spot

When you think of Florida, you imagine sunny days filled with fun at theme parks and day-long visits to windswept beaches. And you are right. The Atlantic (or Space) Coast beaches provide surf-worthy waves and shimmering golden sand, perfect for building castles while the Gulf Coast offers pristine white sand, calm swells and some of the best shell-hunting you’ll find anywhere.

What better mementos to bring home and reminisce over than unique seashells that you and your loved ones collected during a restorative stroll along a Florida shoreline? Warm water lapping at your feet and a gentle breeze caressing your bare skin. It is paradise. Here is where you make your memories that last a lifetime.

Fun Spot

So, when I say warmth, it is two-fold. I don’t just mean temperatures. Certainly we have sunny skies and balmy sunsets, but Florida offers so much more. Hospitality. Abundant nature. And a vibe that we call #ForeverFloridian that lingers on long after you have departed.

The first time you come here, it is usually to experience our world-class theme parks. But each year, as the Orlando area expands and changes, it adds new ways to make life-long memories. Connect with nature hiking, swimming and geocaching at nearby Wekiwa Springs, then enjoy a meal al fresco under shade at their picnic pavillion. Hit WonderWorksas educational as it is funand end the day with the “Outta Control Dinner Show” featuring magic and comedy.

Or, for the budding paleontologist in the family, venture back to Jurassic days with a visit to Dinosaur World to hunt for fossils, explore caves and experience a subterranean picnic. Fly up, up and away in a beautiful balloon over nature or glimpse our small but impressive cityscape by helicopter. Each new Florida vacation is as special and unique as the last.

The more often you return, the more at home you feel. You get to know your way around like a local. With each trip, find your family’s new favorite things to do: the latest ride, the newest restaurant. And the cherry on the cake is that you have the opportunity to vacation in luxury, only enhancing your Florida experience. Not only will you enjoy everything the Orlando area has to offer, but you can relax in ultimate comfort after the wonderfully exhausting day is done.

Warm and wonderful memories of The Sunshine State. We welcome you to join us and be #ForeverFloridian.