Orlando Water Sports


Experience Water Sports in Orlando

If you’re from a dry climate, you might not be able to wrap your head around just how much fun that water can bring to an area. Well, it’s about time you learn! And for those looking for something exciting to add in their vacation, going out for some water sports in Orlando is just the ticket!

From high-speed thrills like waterskiing and jet-skiing to relaxing exercises like water yoga, there are many experiences you can only get when you’ve got the water for it. Orlando has capitalized on its wealth of water to create the best Orlando watersports experiences possible!

Aktion Parks Orlando WaterSports Complex

This is one of the best places in the state to enjoy your aquatic enjoyment of choice. The Orlando Watersports Complex boasts tons of ways to have fun – all you need to bring is a bathing suit, towel, and some sunscreen. Their water is sectioned off for various uses, from your standard-line water skiing to your advanced-cable water skiing, from paddle boarding to boating!

To help you enjoy your time, boards, vests, and helmets (required) are available for rental at the Complex. They also offer lessons; once you know the basics, you can really cut loose and enjoy yourself!

To have fun at the Orlando Watersports Complex, call ahead or look at their website to reserve a time. They’re south of central Orlando – find them by turning north on Florida Rock Road from Landstreet Road, west of S. Orange Avenue.

Buena Vista Water Sports

Maybe you want to go for your thrills in a more free-form setting? On Lake Bryan, Buena Vista Water Sports rents out the equipment you need to have an aquatic blast. They feature every way to enjoy water sports in Orlando on the lake short of snorkeling – jet skis, wakeboarding, kayaks, and more!

Their claim to fame is renting out jet skis, but Buena Vista offers plenty of other exciting Orlando water sports as well. Drivers will take you out on wakeboards or water skis. Or, you can savor the lake experience more slowly by renting a pontoon, kayak, or paddleboard! And if you’ve always wanted to try these water sports in Orlando but haven’t known where to start, don’t worry – Buena Vista gives lessons as well!

Buena Vista Water Sports is located conveniently close to Walt Disney World and Sea World. Near Lake Bryan, you’ll have easy access to them if you’re near either I-4 or FL-535.