Refresh Your Way Around The World

Refresh Your Way Around The World

Refresh Your Way Around the World

Pairing beverages with food is an age-old tradition that enhances your dining experience. At Epcot, you are, technically, in another country so it’s Happy Hour somewhere. Time to loosen up and find your new favorite drink.

Club Cool

For younger folks, this is a great place to start. Club Cool is a Coca-Cola-sponsored gift shop located in Future World. It has a special soda station featuring fizzy drinks from around the world. Sample them all for free! Some are delicious, some are downright disagreeable, but all quite interesting. It’s not only a great way to try new flavors but a super way to cool off and refresh the family before heading back out to continue your Epcot journey. It’s also fun to watch people’s reactions.

Club Cool offers 8 different sodas from:
  • Brazil – Guarana berry
  • Peru – Sweet and fruity, bubble-gummy
  • Zimbabwe – Raspberry cream soda
  • Japan – Non-carbonated apricot and passion fruit
  • South Africa – Kiwi mango
  • Thailand – Melon
  • Italy – Bitter non-alcoholic apritif
  • Greece – Pineapple

Drinking Diversity

Here, I’ll highlight specialties from Epcot’s 11 countries. For example, when I think of drinking in Germany and the UK, I think beer, ale, and lager. How does a cool Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen sound? Or a Snake Bitehalf Cider and half Harp? Both are great for washing down each country’s hearty fare.


Even if you are not dining in Italy, head there before or after your meal for (in Italian) aperitivi and digestivi.) Aperitivi (for example Prosecco, Bellini, Campari) are consumed before meals to rouse the appetite, and digestivi (think Limoncello, Grappa, Sambuca), which are often slightly bitter, are enjoyed after meals to aid in digestion. Adds sophistication to even a basic meal.


The French are also well-known for enjoying aperitif and digestif (their spelling) and you’ll certainly find them here. Or simply cool down with their Grand Marnier Slush, an icy mix of Grand Marnier, rum, vodka, and orange juice. C’est Super!


Your bartender may suggest the Tangier’s Breeze (Peach vodka, Midori, and pineapple juice) as a refreshing blend to enjoy as you peruse the pavilion’s perfectly Persian souks and bazaars.


Their specialty made my mouth water immediately: Vodka and cantaloupe juice. Adorably, It’s called Canto Loopy and well, I’m in love.


One word: Sake.




Head to Norway’s Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for dessert! Enjoy a Viking (of course) Coffee, a delicious cocktail flavored with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream that pairs perfectly with a delightful cream-filled Troll horn. Skål!

Canada and the USA

If you’ve never seen the Northern Lights over Canada, try their pavilion’s specialty drink: X-Fusion Organic Mango and Passion Fruit Liqueur, coconut rum, pineapple juice, AND a flashing glow cube. It’s like the Aurora Borealis in a cup. And you get to keep flashing cube! In the USA pavilion, be a true Yank with the Buffalo Trace Frozen Coke. This slushy features a float of Buffalo Trace Bourbon and will refresh even the toughest customer. Down the hatch, y’all!