Celebrate Food Tours

Celebrate Food Tours

Celebrate Food Tours

There are many ways to get to know a town, from checking out some of the favorite local watering holes to exploring historic landmarks. The best way to really get the flavor of a town is of course by eating there! When it comes to the little town of Celebration near the Walt Disney World Resort, there is plenty to enjoy in the culinary department. With all of this variety, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, Celebrate Food Tours will make the most out of the beautiful sights and delicious cuisine of Celebration.

All About the Tours

These walking tours offer the very best experience that this Walt Disney-inspired town has to offer, particularly in terms of the food. Throughout the afternoon, you will experience some classic tastings, along with some innovative specials from the area’s best eateries. When it is all said and done, you will have enjoyed nine individual tastings across five of the hottest spots in town. The amazing variety of cuisines featured throughout this tour ensures that there is something for everyone—even the pickiest eaters in your group. With each visit, you will find great vegetarian options, plus coupons for return visits. All of the food and drink that you will enjoy on your tour is provided with the price of admission: $54 for adults and $39 for children.

A Feast for the Eyes as Well

While the food is, of course, central to the tour, it is certainly not the only thing that people love about Celebrate Food Tours. Simply walking through this town offers amazing sights on top of a natural cheer that is always present in this town, making a stroll through the town’s streets a pleasant experience. The route focuses on the town center but veers off into some of the charming local neighborhoods. Anyone who enjoys unique culture, beautiful architecture, historical monuments, and fun facts about the town is sure to love this experience. This is the perfect activity for both visitors and locals and provides a great outing for everything from a romantic date to quality family time.

Tours depart on Saturdays at 11:30 am and they last for around 2 1/2 hours. You can be sure that time flies when you are having fun and enjoying amazing food. There are plenty of ways to spend a day in this beautiful town, especially with Disney World right around the corner, but Celebrate Food Tours offers a break from the typical day to day activities and provides an experience that you will not soon forget. Call today at (321) 710-7723 or email at info@celebratefoodtours.com to see how they can take your vacation to the next level!