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Get Comfortable and Rent Your Home-Away-from-Home for Longer

Did you know that when you rent Mid-Term monthly rates automatically apply and you save?

You’re working via Zoom and your kids attend school online – Your pod has nowhere to be, specifically, other than together! People are finding free time previously spent on traveling and discovering the benefits of taking a Flexcation or a Staycation. The line between workweeks and vacation becomes increasingly blurred. Yes, we still need to put in hours and work for a paycheck, but we’re discovering that our surroundings, our enjoyment, our quality company, and time spent breathing fresh air in gorgeous weather, don’t need to be sacrificed. We can’t have it all, but we can have so much more!

Homework Submission from FL with Love!

Submit your homework from anywhere, or Florida, more specifically. You and your laptop can have a field day, literally.

Friendly Envy from Your Zoom Buddies!

And if they ask about your beautiful rental home, you can earn $100 off your next stay by referral!

Poolside Lunch Hour

It doesn’t matter if you fix lunch in your private kitchen or have it delivered, but definitely enjoy it poolside!

Flexcation, Stretchcation or Staycation?

Monthly Rentals are available up to 6 months!

Flexcation is a trending idea that you can have a vacation anytime from anywhere while mixing work and play. But what about a Stretchcation or Staycation? If you’re able to stretch your stay for longer you’ll discover that Orlando and the Central Florida Area have endless fun-filled things to do. By area, Florida isn’t very large, so day-trips to surrounding places or the beach are completely doable. Explore more – venture out! Take your time to find those hidden Florida gems and return to your vacation home each night.

The Central Florida Area offers so much more

The Central Florida Area offers so much more!

Orlando is not only known for its world-class theme parks and entertainment, it also offers lots of nature gems such as its natural springs, wildlife, golf, and adventure tours. Visit our area guide for tons of great tips.

The Beach isn't far away

The Beach really isn’t far away

The beach is only 1-hour away in either direction, Westcoast or Eastcoast. And the Florida coastal areas have lots of additional things to see, or do, like the Kennedy Space Center, or the Dalí Museum.