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Luxury pool homes located on the East-side of Reunion Resort. Homestead is surrounded by the Tom Watson Independence golf course, offering stunning golf course views. Homestead is made up of the following streets: Astina Street, Devereaux Street, Gathering Court, Gathering Drive, Gathering Loop, Molona Street, Oconee Street, Radiant Street, Soiree Way, Sparkling Court, Velleux St.

Neighborhood Pool

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In real life and when on vacation, the neighborhood surrounding your accommodations can be just as important as the home in which you stay. Quiet families wouldn’t want to stay in a younger, rowdier neighborhood, and raucous groups of college students wouldn’t fit in at all in a family-oriented neighborhood. When you’re on vacation, the differences between you and your temporary neighbors could end up destroying the entire trip.

Homestead Palmer Course

We at Reunion Vacation Homes understand the importance of the perfect neighborhood, and our Homestead Reunion Florida vacation rentals in Orlando, located on the east side of Reunion Resort, are designed to help buffer the differences! Live and let live and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime along with others that are doing the same, and maybe some new friendships will be forged!

These Are Your Dream Homes

Luxury surrounds you upon your first step inside, and while the Reunion Resort rentals in Orlando FL are large, the sense of family and community envelops you in a unique warmth you don’t often find in vacation homes. The laughter of the families who went before lingers in the air, to be reborn in the laughter of your own family. Grand entrances take your breath away, but it’s the smaller details that make you take notice.


Wood floors lead the way to fully equipped kitchens containing every luxury that makes preparing a meal simpler, but it’s the blender that catches your eyes; frothy margaritas will soon be on the evening menu. Living areas with floor to ceiling windows that offer awe-inspiring views of the beauty outside are wonderful, but the oversized coffee table in front of the leather couch makes you smile. That 7000-piece puzzle you’ll be building with your family will set up just right there! With elegant bedrooms decorated in old-world style, themed game rooms accented with vibrant colors, and private pools (or proximity to the community pools), these Florida vacation rentals in Orlando will linger on in your mind long after the vacation has ended.

Orlando Adventures for Children of ALL Ages

While staying in will be a treat itself, sometimes you just need to roam free and discover that there is an adventure around every corner when you visit Orlando. SeaWorld Orlando never ceases to thrill, and their new sea creature friendly shows educate on the necessity for conservation and protection as it entertains; those dolphins will make you smile every time! Fun Spot Americas Gator Spot offers the opportunity to watch and learn about Florida’s favorite reptiles. It’s hard to believe that the adorable babies grow into the monsters we see on TV!

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