Are You Ready To Hit The Water Parks This Year?

Volcano Bay, Orlando water park

2021 in Florida – A promise of fun in the sun!

As we all proceed into 2021 with caution we’re all hoping for a brighter year. In Florida, we’re determined to make it awesome, and you are invited! With the sun as our trusted companion, the water parks are opening from their seasonal slumber with a promise to thrill and chill.

As you consider your next aquatic adventure, pay attention to all the options offered. Paying a little extra can really be worthwhile whether it affords your family a private cabana or awe-inspiring excursions. Also, be careful judging pricing at-a-glance when you compare parks as rates include, or exclude, very different privileges. For example, Discovery Cove may look pricey, but packages are all-inclusive with unlimited food & drinks along with the opportunity of animal encounters.

Ready? Let’s Hit the Waves!

Walt Disney World Water Parks:
Typhoon Lagoon – Remains closed at this time.
Blizzard Beach – Current plan to reopen on March 7, 2021.
Blizzard Beach is Florida’s idea of a ski resort with added whimsical twists, Orlando-style!

Universal’s Volcano Bay – Reopens on February 27th, 2021.
Volcan Bay is a fairly new park that replaced Wet ‘n Wild in 2017.

SeaWorld Water Parks:
Aquatica – Open!
Aquatica offers thrill rides and relaxation themed to the southern Pacific.
Discovery Cove – Open!
Discovery Cove is not a traditional water park – this is where you can swim with dolphins and encounter other aquatic & aerial animal life.
Adventure Island in Tampa Bush Gardens – Reopens March 6th.
Adventure Island is located in Tampa and has been open for 40 impressive years. A traditional water park only by Florida high standards, this is a place that never runs out of fun.

Legoland Water Park – Open!
The Legoland Water Park is focused on kids and their families, and of course – creativity!

Island H2O Water Park – Reopens March 13th.
Island H2O recently opened at the newly built Margaritaville Resort in Orlando and is the first of its kind as themed around social media. Experience and share!

Please make sure to look up current operations for any park you plan to visit ahead of time. Special considerations and reservations may be necessary.

Have Fun!