Kennedy Space Center


No state is more active or involved with space than Florida. There are several reasons NASA chose Cape Canaveral, situated along the state’s central east coast, as its home base. The cape’s location along the ocean is optimal so rocketships can travel over the open water. Also because of the launch site’s good weather and proximity to the equator. NASA takes advantage of Earth’s natural rotation by launching toward the east from Cape Canaveral. On your Central Florida vacation, you can take advantage of the rare opportunity to watch a launch first hand. It’s an amazing experience for space junkies of all ages!

Ready to Rumble

Treat your family to the unique perspective on the technology and power required to send spacecraft into Earth’s orbit. Picture this: The countdown to liftoff begins with the flash of fire as the rocket engines ignite. Clouds of steam curl outwards as the fiery thrust propels the ship upwards. Seconds later, as the rocket soars above your head, the delayed engine rumble becomes a thundering roar that rings through the landscape. And you were there to experience it all.

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

The entire family can enjoy the new Astronaut Training Experience, celebrate the pioneers of early space programs with the new Heros & Legends program and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, go on the Explore Tour and walk through the Rocket Garden, meet your hero at the Astronaut Encounter and so much more. Make an entire day of it with shopping (go ahead and wear your “space nerd” t-shirt with pride) and dine at one of their onsite restaurants like Moon Rock Cafe, Rocket Garden Cafe, Orbit Cafe, Red Rock Grill, or any of the other eateries and snack shacks.

Ignite Curiosity

There is something rare and spectacular about witnessing a live rocket launch that leaves you in absolute awe. The sights and sounds alone are bucket-list experiences. At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you and your family have the opportunity to view rocket launches that feature live launch commentary from space experts. Within a few miles from the actual launch pads—the closest public viewing possible—you’ll see (and FEEL) the liftoff of spacecraft as they leave Earth under the full power of rocket engines.

Viewing a rocket launch is an event you and your family will never forget. This year, there are several launches scheduled during the month of March, one in April, one in July, and one in August. For an experience that you can only have here in Central Florida, this is a great opportunity for your entire family to not only bear witness to a rocket launch but to learn about space and our planet.

For more information, dates and times to see a live launch, Kennedy Space Center is located a little over an hour from your luxury vacation villa by car…and well worth the drive.Purchase your tickets from Kissimmee Guest Services to receive low prices guaranteed.