6 Orlando Attractions


There’s a reason why Orlando, Florida exists as one of the absolute staples of the east coast, so far as adrenaline-induced thrill is concerned. The sheer portfolio of attractions waiting in The City Beautiful is virtually unrivaled, and with so much to do, so many hidden gems to explore, you’re never going to find yourself hard-pressed for local excitement. Whether you’re looking to ride record-breaking roller coasters, or saunter through leisurely gardens, Orlando deserves to exist as your next prospective adventure in the making. But, beside the main attractions offered by the parks operating under Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld, we’d like to introduce you to a few smaller gems in the area.


With more than one hundred individual science displays onsite, WonderWorks is the ideal border-busting attraction. A science and discovery emporium perfect for individuals of all ages, it’s a location that also comes complete with a ropes course, a 6D adventure ride, laser tag, and more.

A virtual synthesis of education and entertainment, WonderWorks has, since its establishment strived to provide children and adults alike the perfect excuse to discover everyday science. And now, all of this education exists under a single, exciting roof. It’s impossible to miss the building from the outside, given that it appears as though it’s upside down. Inside, along with all of the aforementioned attractions, the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show regularly performs, giving you a reason to hang around after-hours. Altogether, it’s a magical, whimsical, scientific immersion experience well worth the investment.

Orlando Science Center

An affordable, scientific discovery center that also offers artistic and historical displays, the Orlando Science Center is the perfect way to beat the occasional rainy day in Orlando. Bring the entire family along for the ride, where together, the constantly rotating portfolio of events and exhibits provide the perfect setting for a day of discovery and adventure.

Privately owned and operated, this science center exists for the purpose of providing locals and visitors alike with a reason to love science. Whether through the wonders of the Kinetic Zone on the second floor, the DinoDigs area on the fourth floor, or the Crosby Observatory on the sixth floor, science comes alive onsite. Traveling exhibits provide a recurring reason to visit, even if it won’t be your first time on the grounds, and two theaters on the premises routinely offer respectively unique scientific films and performances.

Mennello Museum of American Art

For a more contemplative Orlando experience, try the Mennello Museum of American Art on for size. A virtual testament to all varieties of American artistry, from paintings to sculptures to mediums of all sorts, this establishment provides a well-varied series of art for the casual observer, and the dedicated art critic alike, all available behind friendly museum doors.

Adjacent to Lake Formosa, the Mennello Museum of American Art seeks to preserve the finest artistic, American contributions, for the enjoyment of present and future generations of art lovers. Exhibitions are always changing, as North American artists are featured in succession. The museum also hosts a variety of art-themed galas and events on the premises, and many are open to the public! Come develop a unique appreciation for American artistic genius, at the Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando.

Lake Eola Park

To slow life down to a pace comfortable for you, you’re invited to check out Lake Eola Park. Public grounds set the stage for absolutely unforgettable natural majesty, a venue which offers guests access to a beautiful walk around the lake. It’s the perfect opportunity to get up close to the aquatic birds of the lake, and if your timing is right, their fuzzy ducklings and swanlings.

Inside of the park itself is the Walt Disney Amphitheater, which provides the immediate region with a steady stream of concerts and community events. The lake itself is renowned for its fountain, and for its origin: it was originally a sinkhole, repurposed as a lake shortly afterward. The Spin City Classic and Fiesta in the Park also take place onsite at Lake Eola Park, further fostering community integration, and providing you another reason to find yourself onsite!

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Welcome to the Titanic memorial exhibit – Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, a collection of authentic artifacts, together with all of the elusive history surrounding one of the world’s foremost oceanic tragedies. The Orlando exhibit, much like the Exhibition locations in Las Vegas, Waco, and Richmond, tells the unabridged story of America’s top luxury liner turned legend.

The museum itself offers seventeen individual galleries, together with an interactive estate that also offers visitors sight of part of the ship’s real hull, as well as recreations of many other portions of the ship. You can gaze upon what the Grand Staircase might have looked like, and you can compare a First Class Cabin with modern oceanic amenities! A stunning four hundred genuine artifacts and historic treasures are also available onsite, together with a slew of Titanic experts, making for a holistically educational experience you’re never going to forget.

ICON Orlando 360

For the finest view of the of Orlando Area, find yourself aboard the ICON Orlando 360, formerly known as the Orlando Eye. Since 2015, this slow-moving, massive wheel has offered locals and visitors the rare opportunity to gaze upon Orlando from a perspective to which few can witness. Receive a bird’s-eye view of the city via the panoramic views afforded exclusively to those lucky riders of the ICON Orlando 360.

Wheelchair accessible, excellent for individuals of all ages, and well worth the investment the ICON Orlando 360 operates come rain or shine. Capsules can hold over ten individuals, so you can experience Orlando from an unprecedented angle, together with those closest to you!

Receive the Authentic Orlando Experience

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