Rivers of Light


Rivers of Light

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom was the last of the four major parks to open here in Orlando. It is so much more than just a zoological theme park. It combines exotic animals in natural habitats with world-class entertainment. To create this special theme park, Disney Imagineers traveled to Africa and Asia to study the landscapes and wildlife and designed the park to imitate the natural beauty. All of this is reflected throughout its 580 acres and when merged with today’s state-of-the-art technology, it creates an experience to be remembered.

When you are looking for something extra special to enjoy with friends and family, Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers its Rivers of Light nighttime extravaganza. It debuted in early 2017 and has since become a cherished memory for every generation.

Splendor After Dark

Rivers of Light is a beautiful combination of live performances and floating pieces, all set to a soaring musical score—allowing Eastern festival traditions to merge with innovative technology to make the enchantment come alive. The story magically unfolds on the broad natural stage of the Discovery River, conveying the uplifting spirit of an ancient and timeless lantern ceremony filled with symbolism, storytelling and plenty of heart.

A Celebration of Animals and Nature

The flickering ornamentation of fireflies illustrates the migration of light—a central motif of the production. As the story unfolds, original video projections and choreographed laser animation combine to create the appearance of glowing fireflies, illuminating moments of the celebration like living pixie dust.

Before your very eyes, clusters of lantern light shift and shape into stunning animal spirit forms–the Tiger, Turtle, Elephant and Owl. Spellbound, you’re transported across Asian jungles and tropical oceans, to African savannahs and North American mountains.

This magnetic display culminates in a triumphant blend of song, light, color and earthly elements–a grand finale so divine that you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and oneness with nature.

The Art of Nature

Let the family get swept away in a timeless show that celebrates the beauty of all living things. With a brilliant fusion of water, sound and light, this dazzling spectacle is quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before. When sunlight fades and the stars begin to shine, that’s the time to remember that we are all bound together by earth and spirit—past, present and future.

Hunger for More?

For an extra special evening to remember, combine your Rivers of Light experience with world–class dining. Enjoy a delicious feast at participating restaurants in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and experience the beauty of this nighttime spectacular from premium seats. View more information and details on the dining experience.

Prior to arrival, check the My Disney Experience mobile app or view the park schedule for showtimes. This show runs on select nights for approximately 15 minutes, but check the Times Guide in the park for the most up-to-date schedule…and enjoy the magic of the night.

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