Brunch Spots 2019

Goblin Market Brunch

Just the word Brunch evokes delicious images of fun and relaxation. A great way to unwind on a lazy day and connect with friends and family over a meal where it’s A-OK to splurge. Melted cheese or rich hollandaise over eggs, smoked meat on the side. Pancakes as fluffy the clouds overhead with creamy butter, fresh fruit, and sweet syrup. Sizzling skillets filled to the brim with meat, potatoes, and vegetables in delectable sauces. Thick slices of whole-grain toast smothered in fresh avocado and tomatoes and whatever else today’s creative chefs decide to top it with.


For the over 21’s at your table, most places offer unique craft cocktails that absolutely amuse the bouche. Have you seen the old brunch favorite, the Bloody Mary, lately? Gone are the days of a sad, single stick of celery and a few olives as garnish. Oh no, now they are topped with everything from skewers of shrimp to small hamburgers! A meal in itself. Gin seems to be making a comeback around here (French 75, anyone?) and there is always the brunch staple, the Mimosa which, for an average of about $16, you can order bottomless and bottoms up!

Goblin Market in Mt. Dora

Mt. Dora is about an hour’s drive from your luxury vacation villa and well worth a visit. After brunch, your family can spend the entire afternoon shopping along small picturesque avenues lined with boutiques and antique shops. One of my favorite places to eat is The Goblin Market. Talk about charming…this intimate restaurant is three floors of books, dark woods, and low lighting. Every time I go I try a different cocktail (but the same entree: Warm Tender Salad with filet mignon) and am never disappointed. Be sure to see what their menu has to offer!

For a more upbeat brunch, try 1921 Mt. Dora which has been rated a Top Pick by our local publication, Orlando Weekly. This restaurant embraces sustainable practices and works with local growers to offer farm-to-table freshness. They have a seasonal menu and an extensive wine and champagne selection. It’s worth mentioning that they also offer a Sunday Supper menu so if you can’t make it to brunch, you can enjoy a fine meal on a peaceful Sunday evening.

The Glass Knife

Another favorite of mine is near downtown Orlando. From the outside, it looks like a giant gorgeous gift box and that is what initially attracted me to it. The food is what keeps me coming back. Inside, get ready to make some difficult decisions. Their menu is heavy on specialty baked goods, cakes, doughnuts, pastries—all on delicious display—as you line up to order cafeteria-style (servers bring it to your table). Suffice to say, if you are looking for a delicious brunch in elegant surroundings, look no further than this lovely eaterie. I swear by their salads with a cafe latte and an “adult-sized” Ding Dong (remember those?) for dessert. Bon Appetit!