Tips for First Time Visitors to Orlando


You don’t have to do much research to learn about the fantastic attractions of Orlando, Florida. What isn’t as obvious is the need-to-know basics of the city. How do you get from point A to point B? Where do you eat? How should you dress? Here’s a quick primer on Orlando:

Roads to Know

Have a rough idea where the following roads go: Florida 528, Florida Turnpike, Florida 417, and the I-4. When you leave the airport to head to your vacation home, you’ll probably be taking one of these roads, so it’s good to know them. Plus, it’ll make a location’s whereabouts easier to understand if you can reference one of these three roads.

FL-528 runs east and west starting at I-4 close to SeaWorld and the Orange County Convention Center all the way out to the east coast and Port Canaveral, running right by the Orlando International Airport.

Florida’s Turnpike cuts west to south through the city, and crosses the I-4 not far from Universal Studios Orlando.

FL-417 runs along the southern and eastern edges of the city, and is the best highway for going north and south if you’re not near the I-4.

Finally, the I-4. This important highway runs through the heart of the city, coming from the northeast and then heading southwest. It can take you right by Universal Studios, and further down Walt Disney World lying north or FL-192.

International Drive

This one is more than a road—it’s a hotspot of attractions and shopping that lies right off of the I-4. From golf to aquariums to escape rooms to museums of oddities, you can easily spend a whole day visiting this strip. Find a place to park, and the I-Drive Trolley can carry you along from stop to stop!

Restaurant Row

Stumped for where to eat? Turn to Restaurant Row, which lies on West Sand Lake Road and parts of International Drive. Look for any cuisine you like here: if Orlando has it, it’s here!

What to Wear

It’s sunny in Florida, but it can also be humid. Opt for loose-fitting clothes and don’t be shy to go sleeveless! Wear socks that can really breathe, and of course, always take practical walking shoes if you’re going to an amusement park. Pack a hat that will shield your eyes and preferably have a rim to catch sweat. And of course, never neglect the sunblock!

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