Wild Florida Airboats

Wild Florida Airboats

Florida’s Natural Beauty

There are many things to do in Orlando, Florida, but you haven’t seen the real side of this state until you’ve let Wild Florida show you the ropes. Wild Florida offers exhilarating airboat tours through the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, and that only scratches the surface of what they provide. Located off of Lake Cypress, you’ll be able to explore Florida’s natural beauty and have the chance to see wildlife, like alligators, bald eagles, and more, up close in their natural habitat. Spurred by immense love and appreciation for these animals and Florida’s natural environment, Wild Florida offers family-friendly activities inside their Gator and Wildlife Park. With one-of-a-kind animal encounters, enrichment activities, and shows, you’ll be able to learn about more than 200 native and exotic animals, such as sloths, bobcats, zebras, lemurs, and, of course, alligators.

The Ride of Your Life

There is perhaps no better way to explore the amazing ecosystems of Central Florida than by airboat. Not only does it offer a unique perspective to enjoy the beauty, but it provides for a fun and thrilling ride! Zip across the endless marshes and swamps of the area with the wind blowing through your hair and beauty all around you. This experience is made even better by the experienced airboat captains, who expertly pick out amazing wildlife for you to enjoy, like gators, eagles, and countless more. No matter how many times you jump aboard one of these airboats, you will find something unique and beautiful with each ride.

Much More than Airboat Rides

The airboats may get most of the attention, but there is so much more to love about Wild Florida. The wildlife park has grown from a small little gator excursion into a full zoo featuring over 200 animals. Get up close and personal with sloth, bobcats, zebras, lemurs, and of course, alligators. Apart from allowing you to explore the park at your own pace, Wild Florida offers animal shows, encounters, classes, and so much more. Getting up close and personal with Florida’s ecosystems and wildlife has never been so fun and easy! The best part is that visitors can enjoy FREE admission into the gator park from now until the end of 2017.

What you will find here is an unforgettable experience that is completely unique to Florida. Wild Florida is an absolute must-visit, both for those traveling here and for people who have lived here all their lives. Call in today at (407) 957-3135 or email them at info@wildfloridairboats.com to see how they can make your Florida vacation one that you will never forget. Or you can just pop by at 3301 Lake Cypress Rd Kenansville, FL 34739. You are sure to be glad you did!