Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens


“Fall” in love

Autumn is the perfect time to find your new favorite wine. With the holidays just around the corner, wine is a wonderful, warming and festive beverage. Red, white, rosé, fruit or sparkling, wine season is here and Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens is the perfect place for you to spend a delightful afternoon and taste your future fave.

Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens is a newly opened venue that specializes in fine blueberry wines using the freshest blueberries from their own Florida plantations. If you are unsure of how you like to drink your berries, you can check out Sorta Sweet and Kinda Dry, (two of their most popular wines with fun and apt monikers) and find the right one for you. Strawberry, blackberry, apple, raspberry and peach round out the flavor spectrum so you have plenty to choose from. Of course, Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens sells a large variety of other wines as well.

Make a Day of it

Certainly you can taste wines when you arrive and it’s most fun to do so as you stroll their lovely botanical garden. There you can also nibble on fruit picked fresh from their own trees. There is a Garden Bistro, as well, for light but lingering sit-down meals. You can indulge in fresh sandwiches, salads, and sweet pastries. Enjoy craft beers (subtle to bold) from acclaimed national breweries as well as local microbreweries. Finish off your lunch with a fresh cup of responsibly sourced coffee, espresso or tea. The drinks and the caf culture are right in line with Island Grove Wine Company’s efforts to promote conversation, contemplation and community.

After your lunch and a mosey around the delightful property, stop in at the retail shop and pick up mementos and gifts. Bring home the ambience of the winery with wine-themed decor, coasters, ornaments, towels, and more. Give friends and loved ones a taste of your visit with a selection of bags, glasses, water bottles, etc. You can even select a wedding gift from their unique variety of “Mr. & Mrs.” items. Yes, you can get married at their venue! In fact, one of the outdoor venues is a meticulously crafted and maintained, heart-shaped space in the botanical garden. And of course, here you’ll find all your beverage accoutrements: bottle stoppers, aerators, wine caddies and decanters. Beer drinkers will love their selection of growlers and bottle openers.

A Taste of Luxury

It’s tradition to christen a boat’s maiden launch by smashing a bottle of bubbly across the bow. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a tremendous waste of perfectly good champagne. So let’s start a tradition of christening your luxury vacation villa by simply popping off the top of a bottle of sparkling wine and sipping it as you admire your grand surroundings.


Stock up on your new-found favorite wine for tasteful memories of your lovely day at Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens where they are dedicated to celebrating healthy lifestyles, food, drink, community, and culture while setting a constructive example of social, economic, and environmental responsibility. All that plus tasty wine. Gosh, I’ll drink to that!

To plan your memorable day at Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens, check out their website here.

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