Fun Spot America


Big Fun on a Small Scale

When you and your family are looking for big fun on a smaller scale, the theme park of choice is Fun Spot America. In fact, to prove that big things come in small packages, USA Today has just chosen SkyCoaster at Fun Spot America in Kissimmee as number 3 on their Top 10 Most Thrilling Rides in the USA.

Here’s what USA Today had to say: “Many parks have SkyCoasters. One to three riders get hoisted up to the top of an A-frame tower. When they are ready, they pull a release like those found on parachutes, freefall down, and swing to and fro a few times. At a mind-numbing 300 feet, the Fun Spot America SkyCoaster is the world’s tallest.” What more could any thrill-seeker ask for?

Go-Karts, Thrill Rides and Arcades, Oh My!

Fun Spot America is an affordable family-owned theme park with two Central Florida locations; Orlando and Kissimmee. Both of them provide –to use their motto: Safe Clean Fun — but they are distinct enough to allow for completely different experiences between the two parks. The Orlando park is located just 1 mile from Universal Studios Orlando and the Kissimmee park is about five miles from the Disney theme parks, not far from your luxury vacation villa.

Whether you are in search of big and fast adventures like SkyCoaster or someone who prefers the sights and sounds of an arcade, they have exactly what you want. You and your family can enjoy everything from their U.S.-patented designs for their unique multi-level go-kart tracks that offer a one-of-a-kind riding experience (which is what Fun Spot America is most famous for) to Orlandos only wooden roller coaster, Kiddie Bumper Kars and so much more.

Wild Things

If wild animals are your thing, Fun Spot America Theme Parks and Gatorland have partnered together to create Gator Spot. See alligators of all sizes, including a habitat for a leucistic alligator, a white gator with blue eyes. Slow the pace of your day to take photos and even feed the alligators. This attraction also features exotic birds, snakes, lizards and aquariums. Gator Spot is a peaceful and educational must-see when visiting this park.

Celebrate People, Create Fun and Make Memories #BestDayEver

This theme park is not just for kids and “kids at heart”, it is great for corporate events as well. Challenge your boss to a go-kart race on the extreme Commander track and see what he’s really made of. Or for a more laid-back experience, head to the arcade to compete with your colleagues or kids (and win points to redeem for prizes!) or get lost in playing your favorite video games — from the latest games to the throwbacks from your youth. You can bet if there is Galaga or Centipede, I’m there. Birthday parties are a big thing as well and the birthday person gets free admission on their big day.

All in all, Fun Spot America is a unique, memorable and affordable day of fun for everyone, without all the large theme park hustle and bustle.

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