Orlando MCO – Not Your Typical Airport


Orlando International Airport

When we travel, it’s usually all about the destination. So let’s talk about the journey. Because the journey is just as important as where you are going. It is easy to think that your home base or destination airport is just that – the place where you simply begin and end your vacation. But it’s much more than that. At least, that’s what Orlando International Airport thinks.

The Orlando Experience

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is undergoing major changes. In fact, while the existing North Terminal Complex is being renovated and updated, there is an entirely new South Terminal Complex being built from the ground up. The airport is literally doubling in size to accommodate the 42 million passengers that travel through its halls every year.

Orlando International Airport is not simply a place to run through to catch your connecting flight. It prides itself on efficiency, cleanliness, and friendliness while offering passengers plenty of entertaining activities during the interim of their flights.

Travel Tip: Download the free MCO App to stay up-to-date while you travel.

Dining, Shopping, and Lodging

There are more than 136 places to dine and shop inside MCO. Are you on a short stop? Grab a quick bite at the food court featuring a fast-food restaurant for every palate. Do you have time to linger during a long layover? Choose finer dining that will make you forget you are at an airport. In fact, there is a Hyatt Regency that offers not only premium accommodations but three inviting restaurants. The newly refurbished Hemisphere Restaurant serves locally sourced fare and craft cocktails. McCoy’s Bar & Grill offers an eclectic array of dishes and a healthy Kids’ menu. Or simply enjoy refreshing cocktails while organizing your vacation pictures at the Lobby Bar.

Last year, the Power Play Arcade opened and while it’s small in size, it’s large in fun for kids of all ages. As for shopping, if you’re feeling guilty because you passed on that t-shirt or stuffed animal at the theme park, get it at MCO instead. Buy books, jewelry, the latest techy gadget or a pair of Florida’s fashion-forward flip-flops all under one roof.

Travel Tip: Never arrive back home empty-handed.

Live Music

An airport is not the first venue you imagine when you think about live music, but almost every weekend MCO offers live bands – from reggae and steel drums to the classics and modern hits. Speaking of music, in May 2016, Orlando International Airport launched its own radio station, FlyMCO 105.1 HD2, where you can stay up-to-the-minute on Orlando area traffic and weather, and get flight board updates all while listening to your favorite hits from the 70s through today.


Art is an integral part of the overall design of MCO. Important aspects of its permanent art collection involve color, texture, and design, displaying qualities that create an architectural statement of space and reflect the outdoors. The Traveler by Duane Hanson is one of the most famous pieces in the collection. These days “He” is cloistered inside a glass enclosure, because MCO didn’t just want to prevent passengers from tripping over or climbing on him, but concerned citizens would report a “sleeping man” to authorities… The Traveler is simply a must-see, yet the acquisition of new works by regional, national and international artists is ongoing.

The Future

The new South Terminal Complex is set to open in 2019 and locals, world travelers and aviation enthusiasts alike will be excited to experience the future of air travel right here in Orlando. And who knows – the Orlando International Airport may soon serve as an entertainment complex all its own. Already, it certainly is a place to enjoy as part of your journey.

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