Nature Treks Orlando


Nature Treks: Off the Beaten Path in Orlando, Florida

The whole nation knows Orlando as a place of fun and excitement, but fewer people realize how much fun and excitement lie beyond the theme parks! If you’re looking for a thrilling day trip for getting closer to nature, check out one of these ventures:

Florida Fisherman 2 at Hubbard’s Marina

The Florida Fisherman 2 goes above and beyond the average fishing trip! This party boat can host all sorts of events for up to 120 people, and its crew are plenty well adapted to the sea. They can go for half-day or even overnight fishing trips, for near shore, off shore, and long-range fishing. With an air-conditioned cabin, beds, and bathroom facilities, it’s a great choice for fishing, family reunions, or whatever occasion merits a creative outing!

Revolution Off-Road Experience

These folks have been in business for a decade now, and they’ve branched out to all sorts of exciting excursions. One constant though is that they remain very much off the beaten path! Their motor activities are still the highlight of their offerings, and include ATVs, buggies, and mucky duck amphibious tours. They’re the perfect crew for the job, too, with experience in off-road racing, rallies, and technical skills.

The company has expanded to include extra activities as well, with bass fishing, clay shooting, and archery. Their track record for safety is top-notch, so if you want to rough it, these are great people to rough it with!

Forever Florida: Florida Eco-Safaris

Forever Florida’s mission is to protect wildlife and showcase the importance of conservation—they do this by turning protected sites into the perfect locations for an exciting, ecologically-friendly outing! Their nature tour takes you through a ranch and wildlife conservation area in an elevated open-air tram, giving you a great view of everything around you. Their expert guide will make sure you don’t miss a single thing!

If a tram trail is still too mainstream for you, then try their horseback tours and literally travel by the main streams! People of all riding experience are welcome. You’ll get to travel horse trails which even predate European settlement of the area. You can also set up a cowboy-for-a-day experience.

The last of Florida Forever’s offerings gives what few other companies can—a view of Florida from above the trees! Try their zipline tour for 7 thrilling trips across the trees! Two guides come along and handle the hooking, guaranteeing safety.

Mt. Dora Tours

Lake Dora’s claim to fame is the Dora Canal, a mile of breathtaking beauty. Several companies do business offering rides through this scenic spot, where tourists can see herons, turtles, alligators, and more. Premier Boat Tours and Rusty Anchor are just two such companies. If you’re not certain which scenic Florida spot to visit, try Mount Dora—you won’t regret it!

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