Orlando Bars

People at a Bar in Orlando

A Good Bar

If there’s a spot you can always return to, it’s a good bar. If there’s a quick place to make friends, it’s a good bar. If there’s a constant you can always come back to for meeting some local friends, it’s a good bar. By “a good bar,” of course, we mean a place where you can spend hours, meet nice people, be treated well, and knockback some drinks!

So, where are the good bars in Orlando? The bar is set high in Orlando! However, we’ve got a few places that we’ll recommend. We can’t include every quality establishment on our list, but these should offer enough variety that you’ll find something perfect for you!

The Courtesy

Looking for something cozy and chic? The Courtesy, located on N. Orange Avenue, has got you covered with a prohibition-style lounge. Their long happy hours feature delicious drinks. Their expert mixologists are great with a bottle, and are always trying new things—stop by this Orlando bar  each time you’re in town and see what they’ve added to the menu!

The Caboose

It may be something of a hole-in-the-wall dive, but it never disappoints. The Caboose is also on N. Orange Avenue and is easy to reach with I-4 access. Their drinks are good, and affordable enough that you can get enough of a buzz to lose yourself in the crowd. Enjoy live reggae here on Wednesdays; you can even bring your dog!

The Whiskey

Lots of places on Restaurant Row boast an impressive selection of drinks, but only The Whiskey really nails the bar/restaurant feel. Their craft whiskeys are extraordinary, so come here if you want to taste whiskey pushed to its limits! The Whiskey’s other claim to fame, their burgers, are also out of this world. Try the whiskey burger and a glass of whiskey and enjoy whatever game is on the TV—it’s the perfect stop for lunch or dinner for those who can hold their liquor!

Spatz Deli and Billiard Liquor

Don’t be confused by Google calling it a deli: with darts, arcade games, and pool tables, this is one relaxed bar in Orlando  where you can take it easy and have a good time. Open past midnight, this spot—popular with college students—lets you spend your hours drinking and having fun. It’s in the northeastern part of the city, off Fairbanks Avenue and near S. Orlando Avenue.

The Best in Town

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