Orlando on a Rainy Day


Entertainment for Rainy Days in Orlando

Twenty-three years. That is approximately how long I have lived in the Sunshine State. Ah, Florida… even the name suggests beautiful flora. And we can’t have magnificent, verdant vegetation without — drumroll please — rain.

As I sit here writing this blog, it’s raining. Of course it is. Yet, as if the weather gods knew that I was writing about rainy days in Central Florida, they have concurrently sent me the sun. The irony! Yes, the sun is out full force while dime-sized droplets of water tumble from the sky. There is only one thing in nature more beautiful than simultaneous rain and sun, and that is the rainbow that this wonderful combination will conjure up.

Pluvoiphiles – you lovers of rain – unite

Summer rains are part of everyday life for Central Floridians and most of us have come to just roll with it. The good thing about our thunderstorms is that they are often gone as swiftly as they come. Nonetheless, remember to bring an umbrella and pack a lightweight hooded poncho for your day out. You can buy them cheap at pretty much all theme parks and local gift shops.

Rain is simply nature’s way of apologizing for the intense heat of Florida summers.

Dry weather is obviously more conducive to outdoor fun, but along with the dog days of Florida summers, comes intense heat. Rain is simply nature’s way of apologizing for that. It cools the temperatures and freshens the air. It’s really quite lovely, and there is plenty of fun to be had inside while nature takes its course outside.

1. Eat. That’s my number one go-to activity, rain or shine. There are so many restaurants in the Orlando area from fast food to fine dining there’s no better way to pass the time than to break bread with loved ones. In effort to wait out the waterworks outside, you will chew slower and digest better. At least you can tell yourself that.

2. Ever been skydiving? Indoors? There’s probably no safer way to experience free-fall than being only a couple of feet off the ground inside a vertical wind tunnel. iFLY Indoor Skydiving offers this experience, and if you’re not one for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, this is a safe and fun bet.

3. Bowling. Sure, you can bowl at home in Topeka but Splitsville at Disney Springs offers 30 lanes, 5 bars, billiards, live music, a sushi bar and other excellent food. Top that, Topeka! Cool, classic decor brings you back to the golden era of this fun team sport. It may look like it, but it’s not just your grandpa’s bowling alley, it’s state of the art.

4. Let the kids enjoy close up interactions, live demos and lots of exhibits at the Orlando Science Center. The Crosby Observatory houses Florida’s largest public refractor telescope as well. OSC is so much fun, your little ones will hardly notice they are actually learning something.

5. Shop. A little retail therapy goes a long way and there are several fantastic indoor malls in the Orlando area. And I know them all a little too well. There are also world-class outlet malls that offer deals worth getting wet for.

6. Head east and space out. Experience “the world’s most realistic simulation of a space shuttle launch” at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. See the Space Shuttle Atlantis on display. Lunch with an astronaut and listen to incredible first-hand experiences. Moonwalk your way down the halls and take a seat in the IMAX Theater to view space from the astronaut’s perspective.

7. Listening to the rhythm of rainfall is an aphrodisiac so why not enjoy the anticipation of precipitation? Tuck away in your luxury vacation rental, turn down the lights and remember why you fell in love. That’s what vacations (and spillover spa tubs) are for.

Do the parks close when the skies open?

Nope. Clever designers kept fickle Florida flare-ups in mind when they planned their attraction layouts. First, look on the bright side: rainy days equal fewer visitors and that means shorter lines for you and the fam. If you don’t mind getting a little damp, you may even enjoy more of what the parks offer. If you need to stay dry, well, there are too many awesome indoor activities to list so I am providing you with a few links to keep you covered.

Universal Orlando Resorts
Walt Disney World

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