Orlando Summer Tips

Orlando Summer

Orlando is Cool

This is a fun statement to make. Because it is true…just not temperature-wise. Summer in Central Florida is hot. Average temps for June, July, and August is about 92 degrees Fahrenheit, but with the heat index, it feels more like 100. This does not stop tourists from coming…126 million people can’t be wrong. That’s how many visitors came to the Sunshine State last year alone!

Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30 and this is also our rainiest season. The good news is, as the old saying goes, “Rain in Florida? Just wait 10 minutes.” It may rain (often accompanied by thunderstorms) every afternoon but it will be over quickly and it usually reduces the air temperature. It also makes grass, plants, and trees glisten beautifully. The humidity level makes our region tropical and our skin glow, so there are a few nice things about it. It also makes us sweat, so be prepared. You can beat the heat with the following tips on how to visit Florida in the summer.

Haute (hot) Couture

Orlando is an awesome town. We have wonderful restaurants and bars, weekly events and shows, a clean and beautiful downtown area, we’re pet-friendly and full of shiny, happy people. What we are not, is a mecca for style and fashion. It’s just too hot to follow the “3rd piece” method of dressing chic. But that’s ok, we are laidback with our tank tops and flip flops (the unofficial shoe of choice in O-town). So, if you’re wondering what to pack, shorts, skirts, sundresses, light-weight tops, and open-toe sandals are staples.  Cotton and linen are two fabrics that work well in tropical heat and will keep you comfortable. For your days spent at our world-class theme parks, comfortable sneakers or walking shoes with cotton socks is an absolute must. Pack a few Band-Aids just to be safe. And your SPF…and wear it every day

How to Get a Perfect Bikini (or Speedo) Body

Put on your bikini or Speedo and enjoy your vacation.


We all know caffeine and alcohol dehydrates the body. These beverages are best enjoyed preceded and followed by lots and lots of water. Stay hydrated at all times by keeping a bottle of water handy. Sip often, even when you don’t feel like you need it. Thirst creeps up on you and can cause a number of side effects. Nausea and fatigue are common symptoms. You can totally void this by grabbing a cup of water often. Make sure your kids and older family members drink as well.

Speaking of water, here’s a valuable tip on how to shower in Florida. A lukewarm shower is best because it keeps you from overheating while still getting you clean. Have you ever stepped out of the shower and find yourself still sweating? It’s the worst. My secret to a successful cleanse? For the final 30 seconds of your shower, turn off the hot water and stand under the cold spray. It will refresh the heck out of you (by all means, yell loudly if you need to) and cool down your core. As for blowdrying your hair, I recommend skipping it altogether.  You are hot enough just the way you are.

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