Best Themed Orlando Restaurants


Florida is a premier vacation destination for those wanting sun, surf, and fun along the coast. The city of Orlando has set itself apart from the rest due to its dozen theme parks that keep families coming here again and again! Luckily, the restaurants here are just as fun, and there are seemingly endless places to grab a delicious bite and get a fun experience. Below are our top five themed restaurants in Orlando.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium – Universal Citywalk

Perhaps the most unique restaurant on the list, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium offers delicious entrees and desserts with a full commitment to the Victorian era ambiance. The wait staff serves in full costume, and the entire restaurant is decorated inside and out with a steampunk vibe. You can’t miss their signature smokestacks!

Rainforest Café – Disney Springs

Journey deep into the Amazon and dine among wild animals: Exotic birds, trumpeting elephants, chest-pounding gorillas, and tropical fish surrounded by lush vegetation and waterfalls. Bite into a Beastly Burger to the roaring thunder of an erupting volcano. Don’t be surprised to find that your adventure party gains a few plush creatures from the Rainforest Café Shop on the way out.

Hard Rock Café – Universal Citywalk

Most of us are familiar with Hard Rock Café, but have you been to the largest one of them all? The world largest Hard Rock Café can be found in Orlando, and the atmosphere is a giant step above the rest. Situated among the many wow factors of the Universal Citywalk, you can be sure it doesn’t shy away from splendor. Dine like a Rock Star surrounded by memorabilia from past Rock n’ Roll Greats.

T-Rex Café – Disney Springs

Dine in a prehistoric world where the sounds and sights of dinosaurs surround you as you bite into a Bronto Burger or a Chicken T-Rexadilla. The same people who are behind the Rainforest Café run the T-Rex Café, and the ambiance is perfect for dinosaur loving kids of all ages. Watch out for meteor showers!

Planet Hollywood Observatory – Disney Springs

Dine among the stars in this newly refurbished Planet Hollywood restaurant. While the stargazing here still takes place on the red carpet, the experience is bound to be a cosmic one. Slurp down a Supernova Shake like a Space Monkey, or, if you want to load up on some Rocket Fuel head on over to the Stargazers Bar just outside.

Check out these great themed restaurants during your next vacation to Orlando! Looking for a vacation rental with themed kid’s rooms or a themed game room? Call our reservations team to find out where you can board with your favorite movie or game characters.