Relaxing Activities in Orlando


5 Relaxing Activities in Orlando, Florida

Everybody loves a vacation! But, not everyone loves roller coasters and standing for eight hours. For those with milder tastes in entertainment, there is still plenty to do in Orlando, Florida! Try some of these relaxing ideas during your stay:

Enjoy a Day at the Pool

If you’re booking with Reunion Vacation Homes, it is quite likely that you’re staying in a home with a private pool, or in a resort that has one of its own. Whether you want to sunbathe, splash around a bit, or just enjoy the feeling of weightlessness as you float around, a pool is relaxation central. (Just make sure you put on sunscreen first, or your next relaxing day will be spent in a tub of lotion!)

Take a Kayaking Tour

If you love the water but not the wave pools and waterslides, then try a kayaking tour! Adventures in Florida and Orlando Kayaking both offer ways to explore Orlando from a unique perspective. They each feature a variety of tours. If you want to get up close to manatees or watch the enchanting patterns of bioluminescent organisms, try calling up these folks!

Visit a State Park

North of Orlando, you’ll find Wekiwa Springs State Park. There’s plenty of wildlife to see, so bring along a camera, and be alert for great photo opportunities. The park has hiking trails, canoe rentals and a huge natural pool with crystal clear spring water to swim in.

Go Golfing

Perhaps the most relaxing of all sports, golf is popular all year here in Florida! Whatever your schedule, location, or skill level, there’s a golf course for you in the Orlando area. Test your skill while you enjoy Orlando’s balmy weather.

Visit a Museum

Museums are perfect for a relaxing day out. Low-cost and low-stress, they’re educational and entertaining. Orlando boasts a few excellent museums that will even keep the kids’ interest: the Orlando Science Museum and the Museum of Osteology feature several interactive exhibits that are sure to delight and amaze! If you want to dial down the excitement and dial up the relaxation, try the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens-lovely works of art in charming grounds.

Relax with Reunion

And of course, relaxing at your vacation rental is always an option! Call us at 1-855-453-5400 to set up a vacation in one of our luxurious, leisure-loving lodgings. Visit our Area Guide for more information about things to do while vacationing in Orlando.

Stay with Reunion Vacation Homes

Don’t confine yourself to a hotel—relax and visit all of Orlando with a Reunion Vacation Home as your home base! Call us at 1-855-453-5400 to learn more about our offerings.