WonderWorks Orlando

Wonder Works Orlando


As America’s “Family Playground,” Orlando has no shortage of theme parks, amusements, and attractions. None of them quite capture the imagination like Wonder Works, the unique “edu-tainment” born out of a lab experiment gone wrong in the Bermuda Triangle. Miraculously, this 35,000 square foot facility was transported to International Drive in Orlando, landing upside-down but with doors wide open and ready to entertain old and young alike. Visitors can try their luck at death-defying physical challenges, tour the depths of the imagination, experience the brunt and power of natural disasters, battle their friends in an epic game of laser tag, or relax with a comedy show and
bottomless pizza; with more than 100 different hands-on exhibits and attractions, the choice is yours!

The Exhibits

As a part amusement park, part interactive museum, WonderWorks is sure to excite your curiosity and thrill your senses. After entering the museum through the inversion tunnel (the museum is upside-down, after all, and you need to align yourself accordingly) you can choose your own adventure.

Natural Disasters – Here you can feel the full force of a Category 1 hurricane, submit yourself to a 5.3-level earthquake, harness the power of electricity, and more. Survive all of that and you can even match wits with the Wall of Trivia.

Physical Challenge Zone – Ever wanted to lay on a bed of nails? Blow bubbles big enough to encapsulate your entire body? Step onto the pitching mound at a big-league baseball game? All that and more awaits as you test the limits of the human body.

Light and Sound Zone – Devoted to the waves around us, this special exhibit harnesses light and sound is unique and often unexpected ways. Paint with light, play a giant piano, and test your reflexes – if you dare.

Space Discovery – Explore the history of the U.S. space program with these hands-on exhibits and see if you have what it takes to step into the void. Take the Astronaut Challenge, land a space shuttle, or go old-school with the Mercury space capsule; either way, the final frontier awaits!

Imagination Lab – With several exhibits that are great for younger kids, this installment unfurls the power of the mind. A special exhibit on forensic science is a must-see.

Far Out Art Gallery – Illusions intertwine with sensational art, vibrant colors, and plenty of the unexpected. This exhibit is sure to take your breath away.

WonderWorks also features plenty of fun activities. Prepare for heart-pounding excitement in the fast-paced laser tag arena, hold on for dear life on the glow-in-the-dark ropes course, or prepare to bust a gut with the Outta Control Magic Comedy Show, featuring all you can eat pizza!

WonderWorks is truly unlike any other attraction in Orlando, making it perfect for a family fun day. If you are looking for something out of this world, make sure you reserve your tickets or combo packages online!