Ziplines, Skydives, and Heli Rides


Central Florida From Above

There are several great ways to go sightseeing in Central Florida. Here a few extraordinary ideas on how to see our beautiful area from a bird’s eye view. Depending on what level of daredevil you or your family members are, there is a way to enjoy the sights of the ground…from the air.

Zoom Air Adventure Park

Located inside the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens in Sanford, about 20 miles from downtown Orlando, Zoom Air Adventure Park offers 3 different courses of zipline fun including one for kids from 5 years and up. Make a day of it by combining your high-flying adventure with a day at the zoo and gardens.


Kids are secured to a lifeline and require a parent to walk on the ground beside them. Let your little ones test their courage and agility on lower and slower ziplines.


Use your muscles and senses to navigate 30 game elements, including 4 zip lines. Game height gradually increases to around 35 feet, and there are alternative routes in the second section. Halfway through Upland, you zip down to the ground, providing an opportunity to grab a drink of water before you continue.


Immerse yourself in a verdant canopy and experience the wild thrill of adventure. Rainforest’s 30 games, with 5 zip lines, are higher and more challenging than those in Upland. You enter and exit the course by way of a 500-foot zip line, starting nearly 50 feet in the air. Do you dare?

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

An aerial park filled with obstacles and challenges, Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park features four obstacle courses for adults – each one gradually increasing in height and challenge level. The highlight of the park is the giant 425-foot zip line located in the adult course. This park is set on more than seven acres of beautiful natural terrain and, in addition to the adult courses, it offers three for juniors and two for kids. Plus, it’s located just miles from your luxury vacation villa.

Into the Drop Zone

There are a number of skydive drop zones in the Central Florida area but one of the most popular is Skydive City Z-hills, located in Zephyrhills which is about an hour’s drive from your vacation villa. For newbies, take a 20-minute course and then jump tandem. Experienced jumpers can try a night jump or a HALO (High Altitude, Low Open) jump. Have a videographer record and edit your jump as an awesome keepsake.

Air Force Fun Helicopter Rides

With two area locations, both near your vacation villa, you have six different helicopter tours to choose from. Less adventurous than skydiving and zip lining, seeing Orlando from above in a helicopter is still a thrilling way to add skyplay to your next Florida vacation. Whether your chopper tour is 5 minutes or 25 minutes, you’ll see Central Florida in a whole new light. Air Force Fun Helicopter Rides is whirlybird excitement for all ages.