Group Bookings

What if you need to book more than one property but would like to stay close or next door to friends or family?

One of the benefits of booking with Florida Vacation Homes is that we have multiple rental properties in each resort, and many on the same street or next door to one another. You may be traveling with a large group, or perhaps your party prefers to stay in separate units. Florida Vacation Homes has villas and condos next door or in close proximity for vacationers traveling in groups.

Not only do these group bookings offer a convenient way to keep everyone together during your trip to Orlando, but they offer some of the most luxurious accommodations of any of the rentals that we provide. It is certainly not a quantity over quality situation, as you will find both within the property lines of these rentals.

Windsor at Westside Neighborhood

Windsor at Westside has five consecutive neighbor properties plus one just a little further down the street. Book one, two, or all. In addition, we have three more properties close by. Check the details below.

WW_701 WW_702 WW_705 WW_707 WW_710 WW_718

Are you having a Family Reunion, a Corporate Retreat, or are you and your team on a Softball tournament? We have many options that will accommodate your group:



+ RVH_092 = Sleeps 22


Reunion Retreat

Sleeps 30


Island Dream Villa

+ RVH_256 = Sleeps 31

How about a luxury condo? Do you want the extra privacy? We have many neighboring condos.

Book Multiple Orlando Homes with Confidence

Everything from the exterior design, landscape to the floor plan and the appointments is aimed to please our visitors. From the moment you drive up to the property, the fun will begin for you. The experience only gets better as you step inside to find a wide-open floor plan complete with the finest furnishings and beautiful décor. You can experience the slower pace of life in Florida in no place better than your very own suite complete with great views, and a bed that is sure to provide for the most restful night’s sleep possible.

When you are traveling with this many people, it is important to know that the kitchen is up to the job. You can be sure that the kitchens in our rentals are more than equipped to provide you with everything you need. Massive islands, endless counter space, and top-of-the-line appliances make a breeze out of even the most daunting culinary tasks.

Beyond the comforts and luxuries that you may expect from Orlando resorts, you will also find many fun features that ensure there is always something to do without leaving the property. Many of these rentals are complete with a private pool, perfect for soaking up the sun and swimming around with friends and family. Ample landscapes of grass provide plenty of space for playing games outside and having barbecues—using built-in barbecues in many cases. Depending on the specific rental you choose, you can also find theater rooms, hot tubs, game rooms, and much more.

Exploring Orlando

While there is enough to provide for an amazing day without even leaving the property, you are going to want to make a little time for exploring the area. Another great aspect of these group booking rentals is the amazing locations they provide. With these properties, you can be sure that you will never be far from some of the coolest stuff that Orlando has to offer. As many would expect, this begins and ends with the endless theme parks that make this city famous across the entire world. Since you are in Florida, you can also count on finding some of the best golf in the country not too far from your front door. There are also countless unique restaurants, bars, and clubs just a short drive away.

Regardless of whether you are booking a corporate retreat, family reunion, or anything in between, you are sure to find the perfect group booking with us at Florida Vacation Homes!

Call our dedicated reservations team to find out what properties are currently available and suited for group bookings. Our office is within minutes of all of our vacation rental properties and our team knows each property intimately. They are happy to assist you in finding vacation properties best suited for your needs. (855) 453-5400

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