Orlando This Summer 2021

Galaxy's Edge Orlando

It’s June and summer is in full swing here in Orlando, and there is no greater place to be for Father’s Day! You see, Orlando has this way of bringing out the kid within every dad. Just the mention of certain thrills will add a childish grin to most: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Jurassic World VeliciCoaster, the Incredible Hulk, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, and the long list of thrill rides go on.

We feel a need, to be honest, however – Orlando is hot in the summer. Please dress your dad accordingly. Don’t worry – he’ll love this too! Cargo shorts – what else needs to be said? You know they’re still tucked away in his closet somewhere, no matter how much fashion trends object. All those pockets – perfect for a theme-park visit! And what about fanny-packs? According to Orlando theme park fashion, they never went out of style! As a matter of fact – a trip to Orlando is a vacation from fashion altogether. Get comfy and you’ll blend in with the locals. Here, the flip-flop is our state shoe, unofficially perhaps, but true.

Another Orlando fashion must-have – the rain poncho! Tightly packed to fit into your fanny pack, these are sold in theme parks everywhere. Why do we love them so? In the heat of the day, thunderstorms roll by in the summer, briefly, to cool things down. Yes, during the storm you’ll need to take cover, but after that, the sun resumes, and so does the fun!

When tending to a dad’s wish list, choosing the right vacation rental is an important aspect of an Orlando stay any time of the year. Did you know we offer properties with themed rooms? Bedrooms, theater rooms, game rooms, decked-out in custom decor from his favorite galaxy far, far away, or perhaps he has an inner wizard waiting to teleport, (we recommend using our booking engine to expedite the teleportation process.) When we speak of game rooms, there’s more to the word than gaming consoles and foosball – many game rooms are full-blown arcade rooms. And the movie theaters? How about reclining movie seats with cupholders and projector screens? If you’re looking to bring out the inner child during your vacation, whether it’s dad’s or anyone else’s, contact our reservations team to find a great home for you and your friends and family.