Your Poolside Office

Your Poolside Office

Your Poolside Office

The number of people working from home has increased dramatically with the onset of the pandemic. Working from home was already trending and expected to be a major socioeconomic determinator of our future, so all we’ve done is to welcome this change a bit sooner, right?

The good news is…

Home is wherever you lay your hat. There is no need to bunker down in your home all alone. You can grab your laptop and work from anywhere, and what many are discovering is that they can live a hybrid lifestyle where work and vacation coexist.
Picture this: At 5 PM you close your laptop and step out onto a pool deck bathed in warm sunlight. Without the need to commute you’ve already earned an hour or two of free leisure time. Instead of fighting rush hour you’re soaking in the spillover spa or doing slow laps in the pool of a Florida Vacation Homes rental. What a fabulous choice!

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to work from home!

Free WiFi, a fully equipped kitchen, and a laundry room are the bare necessities if you are moving your home office to your home-away-from-home-office. This is all included in every Florida Vacation Home. Additional options such as a private pool with spillover spa, home theater, home arcade/game room, and themed bedrooms are available with larger homes.

Condo, Villa, or Mansion?

You will have resort amenities just the same. Is it time for lunch? Take a break and stroll down to the resort cafe or restaurant. Ah! Resort life! You can bring your laptop to the clubhouse and finish the workday right there. The reward for your day’s work can be found at the Tiki Bar.